Join Soul Sparkle Retreats for our day long retreat and joyously emerge your soul into a new dawn.

7 hours of total soul nourishment and feminine bliss  – yoga + connection + creative play = sparkle session + crystal pendant making workshop + soul emergence workshop + meditation + raw vegan lunch + snacks and cold pressed juice and nutmylk.

Your soul is pure, creative energy and is boundlessly impassioned and always ready to reveal to you what you need to thrive – Rod Stryker

A day of connection to self and other like minded women, be empowered, get wildly creative, have fun, do yoga, meditate, nourish your body, heart and soul.

Day Retreat includes:

  • Cold press juice on arrival
  • Grounding + Connection
  • Sparkle Session
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Raw Vegan Meal
  • Crystal Pendant workshop
  • Raw Chocolate Tart
  • Soul Emergence workshop
  • Yin Yoga
  • Meditation

Get yo sparkle pants on, we supply the sparkle and can help you get creative in unleashing your inner goddess, have fun getting sparkled whilst listening to some sassy tunes. A playful creative session using glitter and other face and body adornments – as much or as simple as YOU like. This is the place to let yourself shine.

You will be taken on a journey through the day, unravelling blockages and starting to bring to the surface what is holding you back from being who you were born to be. In our Soul Emergence workshop we guide you to connect to your higher self, it is through self enquiry we can start to get insights into why we often stand in our own way of happiness. A lot of the time women can feel a deep unconscious feeling of unworthiness. Once we start to uncover these subconscious blockages we can then start on the road to healing them.

We are here to experience pure joy, that is our natural state. We were not born to struggle through life and block ourselves off from our higher self, when we do this we experience anxiety, boredom, and stagnation.

Join the gorgeous Chelsea Joy from Renegade Relics as she guides you through this workshop. Crystals hold very special earth energies which Chelsea loves to work with and introduce others to. Chelsea will show you how to create your very own magical joy infused crystal pendant to take home.

You’ll be nourished with a delicious raw vegan meal and raw chocolate dessert made by a qualified nutritionist and sip on delicious cold pressed juice.


Vinyasa yoga translates to “flowing union” as it links breath (pranayama) with movement (asana). It is a moving meditation that can help to calm the fluctuations of the mind, improve core strength, flexibility and balance. In a vinyasa class you are taken on a journey through the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and space. Expect to get a workout but feel very centered, calm and peaceful afterwards.

Yin yoga is a slow-paced restorative style of yoga with postures (asanas) that are held for longer periods of time—for beginners, it may range 3- 5 minutes. Yin yoga also focuses on opening and unblocking your energy meridians that run through your body. These meridians directly affect you and your organs.

We finish the divine workshop with connection and a self-love meditation to leave you floating out the door.

Go as wild or as minimal as your heart’s desire. There will be flowing and bending poses in the Vinyasa class, suggested dress would be either yoga pants/yoga shorts and your favourite Goddess top or you are welcome to wear a skirt or dress for the day and wear some yoga pants underneath for the vinyasa class as long you can be comfortable to do yoga and to do a floor based yin yoga sequence in the afternoon. Otherwise you can change out of yoga clothes into something more comfortable after the vinyasa class. Welcome to dress up, wear your fav jewels, flower crowns, sequins – anything that makes you feel fucking awesome.
No experience necessary, bring a journal and pen, all welcome.

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Join Soul Sparkle Retreats for our unique Goddess Session and bring your creative side out to play.
Come as a Goddess – whatever that means to you, be it sequins, boho or as simple as your favourite piece of jewellery – go as crazy or as minimal as you like.
3 hours of feminine bliss – creative play + yoga + meditation + raw vegan meal
Playful creative session where we get our sparkle on – as much or as simple as YOU like. This is the place to let yourself shine, we supply the sparkles.
Yoga: 60 minute Yin + Yang session, moving your body embodying the water element. We’ll start with simple hatha then move to a beautiful yin yoga session to completely relax the body and open up our energetic meridian channels.
You’ll be nourished with a delicious vegan meal made by qualified nutritionist and sip on delicious cold pressed juice.
We finish the divine workshop with connection and a self-love meditation.
Plus there are a few other surprises on the day, all of which will have you floating out the door, feeling incredible, feminine and rejuvenated.
Our teachers will guide you during yin, focusing on releasing stagnant energy and drawing in love and lightness. Before we can fully love and accept ourselves we need to let go of the old stories and old energy that we’re holding on to. Our thoughts and emotions manifest in physical ways and we literally feel and trap emotions in our body. In the safe space of the Goddess Session you can shift this energy, using yin yoga and conscious breathing to let it go and allow the positive energy to flow freely.
Yin yoga we hold the posture for 3-7 minutes and all postures are on the floor using bolsters and props and are suitable for all levels, including beginners, pregnant women.
Go as wild or as minimal as your heart’s desire, you can’t get it wrong as long as you can be comfortable to do a floor based yoga sequence, skirts and dresses are fine (don’t worry there won’t be any downward dogs) as well as yoga pants and your favourite Goddess top, don’t forget your goddess jewellery as well, anything that makes you feel in your feminine power.
No experience necessary, everything provided, all welcome.
Exchange is $85.00